Yellow Lounge

  •  This living room was part of a series of three living rooms,  called  yellow living room because the yellow tapestry on the walls. In the nineteenth century was used as a billiard room. Today  used as a reading corner, with tv area. The vaulted ceiling was frescoed in the mid-nineteenth century by Lodovico Gamberucci. In the central part of the painting there  is an eagle with an olive tree and a palm branch, an iconic image common in nineteenth-century decorations.
    This painting, in its simplicity, witnesses Gamberucci’s will to characterize each environment with its own distinct and different characters.
    Of particular interest is the floor, characterized by a fake marble painting performed over a classic terracotta pavement.
  • The yellow lounge, even if without windows, was lighted by the connecting door to the frescoed living room overlooking Via Ricciarelli and the two doors leading to the red living room overlooked the main courtyard, today closed doors. In the description of 1784 the room, the refined contiguous living room, has walls fully covered with a yellow parade of silk and 300 arms adorned with upper and lower golden frames.